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Hey all!

New name, but still the same bloke!

I have an update, I assure you!  It's just that my bloody damned scanner isn't working again, and so that just royally sucks.

So then, how was Halloween?  I hoped you all got the candy you wanted, and had a fun time with whatever you did, whether you went out and partied, stayed home and watched horror movies, or whatever.  I stayed home and passed out candy, and I was dressed as Mr. Willy Wonka as well.  I passed out Wonka candy, played that puppet music from the new movie, and the kids and parents just absolutely loved it!  By the end of the night some girls had taken a picture with me, shouted "We love you Willy Wonka!!!" from the street, and it was fantastically awesome!

Another personal update, I've had my wisdom teeth pulled and I don't think the vicodin is working as it ought to be.

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